Tuesday, February 12, 2013

PTBA 2013 Sustainable Trails Conference is now!

PTBA’s Annual Sustainable Trails Conference is being held in Albuquerque, NM on February 12th thru 14th. The 2013 Conference is the only national conference dedicated exclusively to trail design, construction, and maintenance. The Sustainable Trails Conference unites land managers, trail workers, and trail contractors nationwide for three days of informative sessions and a Trailbuilders’ Trade Show. 

The heart of the core conference held by the Professional Trailbuilders Association is made up of over 30 informative Concurrent Sessions by experts in the field of trail construction, maintenance, monitoring, planning, design and management. 

On Thursday, February 14th, Randy Martin, Trailscape, Inc. will present “Designing a Trail Worth Traveling To”.
On a very limited budget, a simple but well designed trail system may be the ingredient to set a community apart and attract visitors. He will discuss how to plan an initial trail layout. This will be combination lecture/hands on workshop about how to design a sustainable trail that will be attractive to users. 

About the Speaker: Randy Martin, Trailscape Inc. (www.trailscapeinc.com)
Randy Martin brings an unusual blend of a marketing mind, an analysts discipline and a keen sense of trail flow from his bicycling and snow ski racing experience. Randy has a unique way of presenting even seriously flawed data in a compelling manner.

To take advantage of Randy’s expertise locally in Northern California,
contact him at 530-852-5155.

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